United States – The between atoms – the pictures were taken through the in the 1950s. The famous Microscope achieved magnificent of 60,000x. These pictures are taken at 3,500,000x, somewhat under the possible maximum magnification of the .

These photos are through the developed by Dr. in 1950s. The microscope was stolen in the early 1960s. These are the original pictures in Nemes’s album that were not stolen.

The microscope took pictures down to the atomic level and the energy bonds holding atoms together. The pictures that I am posting are Nemes’s original pictures that were not stolen at the time. I am doing this in the hope that someone might come across the , in a garage or storage facility, and be able to recognize what it is. I will place tomorrow’s exterior and interior pictures, along with an additional 15 pictures of crystals, cytoplasm, enzymes, atomic chains of enzymes and more, in the album.

These are not altered or generated by computer! These are not artists’ renditions! They were taken around 1952. Iron Nucleate: By shorter wave length, more magnification and resolution, showing the basic atomic and molecular groupings, representing not only more emitted spectral lines from the iron nucleate atom, but “energy lines,” revealed by magnification of structure and internal resolution, towards the nucleus of the atom.