United States – “Physics tells us that the has a spin rate of one-half. If the , after what we consider a FULL circle (360 degrees), flipped 180 degrees and spent the other half of its spin in HYPERSPACE, that would account for degrees, and when it emerged in our space it would be right back where it started.”
– Nick Nelson.

And this is exactly how describes it also. Hyperspace = .

“I finally found proof of my argument in the works of . As my research progressed 1 discovered that the harmonic of the speed of light in free space had a value of . If this was divided by 2, to find the harmonic of one half cycle, or half-wave, the answer was . If this value was then applied to the right-angled 3, 4, 5 triangle and each side was extended in this ratio then the figure had sides of , and 360 units. The harmonic proportions thus derived were equal to:

= 21600 = the number of minutes of arc in a circle.360 = 360 = the number of degrees in a circle. = ( x 2) = 2C, where C = the speed of light harmonic.”


Meaning that both the and the are one in the same thing and just a different rotational spin.